Metacommentary – great concept / iffy example

This is always a task I have great difficulty in. I can write and write and write about any subject and make a good initial argument in an essay. What I fail to do the majority of the time is working those ideas that back up my argument.

So this helped me immensely.

So in brief, it basically is a matter of making an argument and working those ideas to back that argument up.  The best way I can think of it is that it is always a reminder to refer back to the argument, to make sure that it holds water and that you are not writing or writing sake.  It’s keep the purpose and aim of the writing squarely focused on your position.

So to work that out, I basically butchered the story of Little Red Riding Hood (so did everyone else in the tutorial).  I basically turned Littler Red Riding Hood into a murderer and Grandma Riding Hood as a major drug dealer.  As follows:

Little Red Riding Hood arrived at her grandmother’s house.

Ultimately, my goal is to demonstrate that she was in fact the killer of her Granny.  Don’t let her rosy cheeks, glossy lips or doe eyes fool you.  A cold-blooded murderer lurks underneath

This is not to say the wolf was an innocent party, but rather manipulated by the machinations of a twisted serial killer, we all know as Littler Red Riding Hood.

It was the accidental meeting of these two antagonists, in the early dewy morning, that sealed the fate of Grandmother Riding Hood.

In other words, while the conspiracy theorists would like to blame the hunter as the ruthless killing barbarian of the story, it was Little Red Riding Hood who must be made responsible for this reprehensible act.

Having just argued that Little Red Riding Hood was her Grandmother’s killer, I will now complicate the point by indicating that Granny was not as sweet as this fairytale may portray her.  Her affiliation with the drug Barons of Bogotá made her a marked target or most of her life.

Consider the allegations brought against Granny or the largest recorded marijuana crop, which was later dropped by the Federal police, for example.  This highly publicised affair exposed a number of mid-level distributors by her evidence

Incidentally, we will briefly note that Little Red Riding Hood’s red garment was in fact the senior masterminds tunic of the Bogotá Lil Rosa Drug Runners based in Columbia.  This organisation use of young girls with picnic baskets to transport cocaine is well documented.  The term, “Of to Grandma’s house,’ would be constantly recorded by drug enforcement agencies trying to stem the tide of drugs internationally.

Although some readers may object that this drug correlation to Little Red Riding Hood is weak, I would answer that Grandmother Riding Hood’s murder took place a week before she was due to give evidence and reveal the identity of the mastermind of the Lil Rosa Drug Runners.

My conclusion, then, is that due to Grandma Riding Hood’s connection to the Lil Rosa Drug Runners and her impending case where she was going to reveal the leader’s identity, led to her murder.  That murder which was perpetuated by the leader of this organisation, LIttle Red Riding Hood; who on that fateful day arrived at her grandmother’s house with murderous intent.

The items in bold are the templates of using metacommentary in analytical writing.  It’s an excellent guide, which I hope to use throughout my time at university.  However, the subject of Little Red Riding Hood may not have been the best for me.  My mind works in an intensely bizarre and creative way.

Well, hopefully that explains why I made Little Red Riding Hood to be a murdering drug baron.  I hope.


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